Poetry and random written ✍️ thoughts πŸ’­

Bloom. To be able to feel the room. Rainbow letting go. Only freedom you have is what you allow. Free birds. We all wish we could fly, and why not? Learn how to really try. What has you caught? Stuck in a net. Imaginations are your wings; how far can you go?

The depth of perception soon all will be still. What is left, no time, forget boredom. If everyone could just understand and be patient. Do not ever draw a line, find the lost freedom, always lend a hand. Just to fulfill the dream. Evolution. Who am I? I am you. I am everyone. I am everything. I am. Good for bad. What we could’ve had. Where does the separation begin? Destroy the walls that have kept out all. What must we learn to understand? Learn everything is everyone’s land.

We all know that no one really knows. Time is no time. Infinity. We all expect much without knowing. When. Maybe all wondering, why? Everyday more and more, and the details, don’t lose track. The smaller. How to determine. Don’t lose patience. Don’t try to understand. Try to learn what to feel. Move forward, do more without. Watch this dream that surrounds you. Surrounds us all. Silence can be found within.

-Laura Kaschmitter