2 thoughts on “Ever-changing Statements

  1. Raw and fully charged….unedited until I decide to bring it to another level of understanding.

    Layered and saturated. Textured and revealing sources of hidden passages. Like a secret to be figured out. Each piece follows where the former left off. A continually evolving story to be shared and explored independently or with a friend. By using the sources which are found in everyday life and discovering what distinguishes one thing from another. Learning and exploiting the separations between objects or creating new mysteries in this not so ordinary life. This is where the identity of my imagination finds and expresses a voice. Sometimes independently and other times completely interdependent and interconnected.


  2. Feb 2012 statement
    My art is about extending my ideas onto anything tangible. Whenever using video there are less elements with physicality in the moving image yet it is somehow more powerful and interactive because of this. I know the limit of time is always short so I don’t believe in holding back. The moment is now and must be fully and firmly grasped and thrust into each piece. Images overlap and extend beyond the space given which allows the mind to further create the extension of ideas with a personal touch. Much like how each photograph can only capture bits and pieces of landscapes, moments, and time.


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