2 thoughts on “Comments and Thoughts

  1. The review for winter quarter with the outside reviewers was not entirely helpful. I am not sure what I think. I think they liked my videos but at the same time they only liked one of them and still told me how I could make it better. I do not expect anyone or everyone to like any, let alone all of my art but I did feel a little misguided as to what I was supposed to gain from the experience. I even feel weird talking about it. Maybe I got nothing from it. Maybe it is only for me and there is no possible way to explain to someone outside of my head in a way that will be completely understandable.
    I did feel that Nik (?) had some good ideas, comments, etc. regarding my video and what kind of new directions I could ponder and perhaps incorporate into future ideas. But when it came to my painting I completely regretted even showing it to them! I think it hurt that he called my painting “muddy”. Neither he nor B liked either of my paintings. That is fine though. That is their opinion. My own father does not like my painting or my digital art for that matter. What does matter deep in my own heart is if I like it. Especially after I am criticized if I can still love my final product and want to keep making more then perhaps that is truly all that matters.
    It did hurt, their comments and not getting an ego boost, but I don’t think constantly having my ego stroked is good for me anyway. It would make me soft if everyone only gave me positive comments. I would probably grow lazy and overconfident. I would stop being so hungry to try to make things better. Maybe that will come later. But for now bring on the pain and the difficulties! That is what I am paying for. Then again I am sometimes the hardest person to please as well as my own worst critic.


  2. Dearest Goddaughter artist,

    The risk for the artist/poet is sending the art, poetry, music, etc. out there with the hope that it will be validated and with a belief that it will be, at least to a degree. In part I agree with you that you have to paint/photograph, write for yourself. Since the human experience is shared, one would think a viewer or reader will identify with your experience as seen in the finished product. It should be true, but I know it often, very often, isn’t Today I received a rejection from a journal called, “failbetter,” telling me they weren’t taking my novella, though they said, “There is much to admire here.” And I think, so how much is much and how much more do they want? Still, I have long liked the story and that’s what counts ultimately. It was good for me to imagine and craft it, and it is good for me to read it. As you know, I have been writing for about sixty years and have published only a modicum of my work, still I love to write it, and it’s always a stimulating and often very satisfying activity. So, keep on keeping on. Keep experimenting and creating. It’s worth every minute, and your life is richer for it.

    Your Godfather,

    Mike Aleman

    PS. I enjoyed seeing your photos, the icon of you is absolutely beautiful, and I thought blue aphid terrific.


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