The study of evolution, humanity, and life

Whether we want to realize it and deal, or not, may in fact be a choice between life and death. Not only just for yourself but for all of humanity and perhaps the entire planet. We all are in fact connected. Like mycelium and tree roots. Everything serves a purpose and discovering what that is and following it and staying true to it are the reasons why we are here. Follow the energy. It is more important than time.

The issue with this is that typically our ideals and expectations are so much differnt than what reality is ready to give us, or the people around us, because in fact it just isn’t the right time yet.

I think this is why I experience so much frustration because I feel the internal shifts when change is just beginning. It starts to swirl and I know I need to purge material things as well as beliefs out of my life that no longer serve a purpose. THAT is what we are being called to do NOW! We really are. If you are ready. I am scared but I am ready. Which is exactly where I want to be. Patiently waiting. Finding my inner peace and balance. Those are the things that are really needed these days. Not war. Progression and successful healthy development are only achieved within supportive environments. We need to turn the entire WORLD into a supportive environment. One where the world and its people are allowed to be who and what they are. Adjusted to the natural ecosystems.

We need to quit with all the synthetics and focus on organic solutions.

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