My Traveling Art

Never did I believe I would see, do,  or think so many of the things that I have.  I still have a slight delay in doing this post but I also know that this is the only way I will remember and account for something important in my life.

I realize the reactions and opinions many people will have regarding this post and what this post represents.  But I do know that my intentions are right and good.

I have entered into a show happening May of this year in Seattle Washington and been accepted to show a photograph of my vagina.  I hope I am stating this correctly.  I think this is also why it is so important, what I and many others like the lady putting on this show, continue to make female dialogue more open and accepted regarding our bodies, minds, and any questions or any thoughts.

There is no reason to be ashamed to openly discuss and question our bodies.  Humans are continually learning more about how everything works and unlocking secrets which hold potential to further enjoy this life we live.  If we hold it all in how will we ever learn and pass on our knowledge?

Please ask me if you have any questions or any thoughts regarding this subject.  And may God bless you if you feel negatively about this.

So…….my vagina has been printed in black and white on a paper which is 44″ wide and 60″ tall.  There is about a 3 inch white border.  This will be displayed at Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts from May 3, 2012 until June.

There has always been a comparison between female genitalia and flowers. Any visual observation will confirm this.  Actually after searching just now for a picture to confirm my lack of knowledge to be correct I now think my photo is not my vagina but is in fact my vulva!  Education people!  That what this is about!  Also to not be ashamed or embarrassed!  We ARE adults after all!

I was discussing this with my older sister who is in fact an educator and story teller and she informed me yesterdayImage that the word “VAGINA” does in fact mean “sheath” or “scabbard” in Latin.  So it is defined as where the sword is supposed to go.  But oh it is So much more than this as we know now.

I just changed the title of this post to be more correct.  The vagina is a tubular tract from the opening (vulva) to the uterus.

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