Art around the world

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to a few places overseas in my short 32 years of being alive.  I have visited the Gobi desert in China.  I have ridden a two humped camel and walked the Great wall of China at least part way.  I have entered the Vatican and seen the Coliseum and the Parthenon.  I was ever so lucky to have even seen the Louvre, the Mona Lisa, Versailles, and of course the Eiffel Tower.  Yet somehow this is not enough.  I am not ready to call it quits.   I am not satisfied to live the rest of my days never leaving Washington state again.  I feel as if these journeys have only created a hunger which I am not sure will ever be satisfied.


One day I do wish to have a beautiful and peaceful home perhaps out in the middle of nowhere.  Beautiful mountains in the distance but not so close as to block out the precious hours of daylight.  A clear stream or river that flows by with fresh water every day.  A field of glowing plants and a great garden for plants and vegetables.  Of course I would want a dog and maybe a cat.  A great big porch to drink my morning coffee on before I begin my day attempting to capture the beauty I feel and see.

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But even with this as my goal,  involves traveling at various times to different locations in the world in order to be a part of the world as an artist.  This would be the fun and exciting bit.  I think I really need both.  Maybe as I get older I will be satisfied and established enough to spend most of my time at my home in the country.  Until then though I plan on putting in all of the necessary legwork in order to see my dreams come true and I look forward to the process as well.

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