If anyone has any plastic bags they do not want please bring them to school!  I am looking for the kind with handles like you would get at the grocery store.  I will only be collecting them on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thanks and love you all!

3 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Tomorrow I feel will change me….I am not sure exactly how but I know I can feel a significant sense of importance.

    I am posting some ideas regarding the pieces I am showing and other things on my mind…..


  2. Research All of the videos I could possibly get my hands on involving the subject of video art. Also researching online. What venues and groups are available and what are they all about. What ideas are being explored. How video art is being used and combined with other forms of art.
    Bill Viola, (It doesn’t have to be anything, or any reason) (just what I like, what I feel like doing)(he videotaped flies on a carcass! Awesome! Gross!) ( I love his use of nature) (our surroundings in a moment + our responses to our surroundings in that moment)
    Ernest Guesella (Awesome fucking dude!)
    Gary Hill “Blind Spot” (black moment lengthen, slower and slower) (creating moments, creating memories, creating thoughts and emotions, new points of reference) ( What is the difference between someone seeing you and someone videotaping you?)
    William Kentridge (moving words, drawings, words that become people that become words) (contemplative music) “unconscious writing” “allowing work to make the subject” the marks created by the artist in turn create the artist (who the artist is)
    :::::::::Some I like their work in video form but some I mostly enjoy how they verbalize their concepts and philosophies

    Goals for next quarter and ideas for final show;
    Tent out front or some other way of combining the outside feeling with the modern technology of video
    Projecting onto the upper half of the gallery walls from the second floor using projectors


  3. Winter Review 2012
    FishFace- This was purely intuitive like all of my work. It began with simple strokes of paint which coalesced into a form in the center which bloomed into eyes, nostrils, and a mouth. Fins or similar structures formed almost as if trying to escape the confines of its canvas birthplace.
    Filled with Fire—-lit from behind alluding to what is beneath the surface being so much greater than what is on the surface. This is my first oil painting. The primal source which gives birth to the ideas attempting to take form on the surface and be expressed and understood.
    V.Transit -Perhaps this video is about a mental journey. Possibly an endeavor to find our place within this existence. We can sometimes almost make out shapes and sounds but they are distorted, simplified to the point of being unrecognizable. It is up to each of us to decide where we fit in. But do we want to ever fit in and truly discover our place or will that only lead us to wither and die from stagnation and boredom.
    V.Half Cats —exploring the sensations we can sense and feel like our brain is moving or flexing in an effort to understand and keep up with our eyes. Where actually does this feeling come from. It is not actually physical yet we can feel it much like emotions are not corporeal yet our bodies react to them as if they are.


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