Hello world!

I know it is impossible to never judge.  I also know that when I judge not only am I hurting others but I am hurting myself as well.  By allowing myself to look deeper into people and things and life, I give myself the opportunity to discover what matters.  I learn more about myself and life.   I then try to take what I learn and share it with others in ways that will be understood.




5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I am not sure that I would consider my painting style simple; I suppose it would depend upon your perception or definition of the word. Complicated, maybe, if you think of life as complicated. I prefer to think of it as interwoven and connected or possibly all related and full of interacting elements.


  2. I see what I have faith in; I have faith in what I see. What I see is not just a shell; it is another level unseen by many who do not take the time to look. I notice that I do not feel well if I go too long without taking the time to “look” and witness the moments passing by. This is a big part of my personal beliefs, which I trust are constantly reflected within each piece of art I create.


    1. My faith in myself and the world constantly changes, some days I definitely have more, sometimes it can feel like I have almost zero. I began painting with the intention of learning more about myself, as a way of showing myself things I may not want to know. I have been discovering that I have been hiding a lot of wonderful qualities from myself and the world.


      1. Faith is a tricky word for me, I was raised in the church but I do not look at myself as a “religious” person. I definitely have faith that there is a reason why I have lived as long as I have and I believe that I am here to enjoy life and help others to enjoy it as well.


  3. I have been enjoying beginning each painting with simply the intention of painting some part of my soul. I think that is fairly close to what I have been doing. I just begin by choosing a surface, then a color, I may play some music to inspire a feeling or intention within myself to come forward and express it. I allow myself to be free and try not to judge the strokes I create. I layer on top of layer, colors and textures, thoughts and feelings. I take breaks, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days. I look at each piece as a journal or diary of how my past, present, and future influence each other and continue to evolve as time goes on. When I am finished with a piece I feel that I am never really done. I may be finished adding paint to it but how I view it will continue to add more to it as time goes on each time I look at it.


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